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Denis Doré

Denis Doré's Bio

Denis Doré is the co-founder of Squeeze Studio Animation. Before he started building Squeeze along with his partner Patrick Beaulieu, Denis worked in the Video Game Industry, acting as Producer and Senior Producer at Ubisoft Québec.

Between 2005 and 2011, he managed teams of 50 to 100 talented designers, programmers and artists, creating innovative video games for kids, teens and adults, sold all around the world.

During his last two years as Senior Producer, Denis had the opportunity to lead the creation of a new IP called Combat of Giants, developed entirely by his team at Ubisoft Quebec. Combat of Giants proved to be a great succes, several millions of video games and figurines being sold worldwide.

Even if video games, new technologies and digital arts are obviously a big part of Denis's life, his interests are diverse. Denis is also an enthusiast photographer, a travel lover and a hockey player. He loves to devour a good book and can't resist watching a great sci-fi or animated movie.

Earlier to his work as a manager and entrepreneur, Denis spent his time studying, doing applied research and teaching. He holds a PhD in Regional Development from the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi as well as a Master's degree in Geography and a Master's degree in Regional Studies. His specialization in sustainable development, applied to public services and businesses, lead him to develop innovative tools to help organizations increase their performance following sustainable development principles and indicators.

Denis Doré's LinkedIn Profile Denis Doré | Co-founder | Business Development Director
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